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Welcome to Our Gateway Site

Nestled alongside the historic Erie Canal, Lyons is waiting to be discovered by you. Midway between Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes, Lyons is the seat of Wayne County, surrounded by gently rolling hills. Once known as “The Peppermint Capital of the World” due to extensive essential oil productions, the village is regarded as the Peppermint Village. An old fashioned business district is located in the heart of the village. Nearby, Central Park, containing a bandstand and water fountains, is the site for the village’s festivals such as Peppermint Days, Pumpkin Palooza and Peppermint Winter Wonderland. And here in summer the Lyons Farmers’ Market is held, the oldest in Wayne County. Beautiful architecture, murals, parks and trails all add to the atmosphere of this canal side village.

Chamber Spotlight

Business of the Month
The Lyons Business of the Month for September and October 2017 are Community Co-Op at Newberry ...
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Areas of Interest
Hotchkiss Peppermint Building
Wayne County Museum
Taylor Park
South-Side Canal Park
Mural Mania
Farmers Market
Trail of Hope
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