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Railfan Opportunities


Lyons is RailFan friendly !

CSX’s (formerly New York Central) Mainline is the busiest line on the system offering 40-50 freight trains daily along with 8 Amtrak trains.

Long open areas along Franklin Street and on overhead highway bridges provide plenty of safe photo locations from public property.

Although not the great rail center it once was, the Lyons Yard still supports two locals. Two remote interlockings and the local radio base offer good information on train movements.

A variety of restaurants are located within 3-4 blocks for your convenience.


The Finger Lakes Live Steamers LARGE SCALE MODEL RAILROAD is located near the hamlet of Marengo, less than 15 minutes from Lyons. Located on a well-developed 12 acre rural site, Finger Lakes Live Steamers is an educational non-profit organization of people interested in building and operating large scale model railroad equipment. Locomotives are powered by steam, internal combustion, or electric batteries. Members are experienced in railroading, machine shop practice, model building and related activities. Skills in these areas are quickly attained and we welcome anyone with an interest in this hobby and a desire to learn. Great website at http://www.fingerlakeslivesteamers.org/

Areas of Interest
Hotchkiss Peppermint Building
Wayne County Museum
Taylor Park
South-Side Canal Park
Mural Mania
Farmers Market
Trail of Hope
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